Built a Desk

Spent all day yesterday working on the desk. Started with a 4' x 8' sheet of oak MDF that had been lying around for who knows how long. Did my best to get everything straight and square, but the circular saw made that a challenge. The results were mostly satisfactory and I smoothed out the rough spots with a sander.

Old v New: 2000GT v LFA

Back when Toyota was just a fledgling automaker trying to make their way in a world full of brands with more history, experience, and cachet, they needed a car to let the world know they had arrived. The 2000GT did just that, proving to a world dominated by American and European automobiles that the little Japanese…

Old v New: Ford F-150

Contemporary trucks are the poster boys of the obesity that plagues the current automotive landscape. Those of us who remember the good old days of small, honest work trucks lament the ever-increasing bloat that has turned American trucks into hulking behemoths hopped up on their own increasingly absurd capabilities.…